First feature film update

On set WiP BTS

I have been extremely busy the past few months working on many projects which has kept me from updating my website. Most notably my first feature film where I have been not only the lead SFX artist but also head of makeup, looking after a team of 9 makeup artists.

One of the tasks that has been taking up so much time has been designing and creating a fat prosthetic piece to be applied on an extremely low budget. My original quote was too much yet they were adamant they don't mind compromising on the quality if its still possible. I managed to create the prosthetic at a fraction of the price using low quality ingredients that only after lots of trial and error still worked to a good enough standard to be used.

I admit I feel extremely proud of myself for pushing myself to keep going and with managing to create such a high quality piece on such a low budget. Alongside the fat prosthetic there were 75 - 100 extras and 2 other main actors I worked on designing the makeup for. The film was set in the 1960s and as head of makeup I had to ensure my other makeup artists were able to fulfil the brief.

Stage Manageress

Rosalyn played the cruel stage manageress so the makeup had to reflect her sharp attitude whilst being plain as the character is not the type to care too much over her appearance. To achieve this I gave a bright red lip with contour on the cheek. The eyes were left bare save for some top eyeliner and mascara. The hair was brushed back into a tight bun with a loose fringe.

Elvis Presleys nurse

Farrell played Elvis' kind hearted nurse and for her I gave her some light blush on her cheeks, 2 varying lightnesses of brown eye shadow. For the eyes we put on some fake eyelashes with some black liner on top and white on the under eye. In contrast to the stage manageress this showed a kind hearted character that took pride in her appearance and the fashion of the 1960s.

This whole film I have worked with a fantastically skilled crew who all had such professionalism. I very much look forward to working with them again and wow...Red cameras are AMAZING!!!

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