Gnarly Teeth and big smiles

So last night I spent a few hours at the directors castle, met some of the creature actors and made some teeth moulds.

Now how to create fangs and boars tusks on a budget? Plastic! Polymorphic plastic to be precise!

Ok it doesn't quite feed on your emotions but it does make some fantastic teeth on a budget!

When people put things in their mouth it's always fun, no innuendos, just speech....

Good old Buzz seemed a master, he could even speak good old tongue twisters without even a falter and oh! What a face!

Now these moulds are going to provide the basis for the creature teeth and are very much like a gum shield fitting, no discomfort, just a bit..


Alongside doing some teeth moulding I have taken measurements of hands ready for some creature creations!!

Gonna be some fun stuff coming up soon!

Enjoy the further pictures from yesterday below!

Love always



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