Keeping (in)sane during Quarantine

So with the world affected by Corona virus it is difficult to continue doing any work as a makeup artist. Of course this is affecting every business, and with an industry that is up close and personal even big shows that have been going for years and ceased filming during this lockdown.

As a freelancer this has meant I have had no work for a while now and no prospect of any work coming my way, so I am thinking of ways I can still bring money in whilst providing a good quality service to people. To this extent I have stopped the booking section on the website and have started work on pre-made prosthetics that people will be able to purchase and apply themselves at home. These use transfer material similar to the temporary tattoos that you can buy and probably tried as children.

With no knowing how long this lockdown will be in place we are ramping up production for Halloween. Last year work commitments got in the way of launching DIY kit productions that we would sell however this year with the lockdown in place we are looking at the silver lining, cup half full mentality where we are hoping to have a range of prosthetics that will be cheap, quick and easy for you to apply at home.

If you are already planning Halloween, why not get in touch and see what we might be able to help you with.

On another note in order to keep boredom at bay staying within four walls I have been doing some creative things on my new YouTube channel. Each day I am posting a creative video, not all have been makeup related, to keep some creative juices flowing.

A subscribe to the channel would be much appreciated and if you want to see something done on the channel just drop a comment! Check the channel out here

Please all stay safe and

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