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...and general nice guy.

I am overjoyed to have been asked to work as the Key Creature Designer & SFX Makeup Artist for the film Heartsfelled. Or maybe if we give it a full title:

HEARTSFELLED - The Identity Stealer.

so what am I doing on this film? What is a Key Creature Designer? Hopefully if you found your way to my blog/website you already know what an SFX makeup artist is!

Well what am I doing on this film?

They were looking for makeup artists/body painters that could bring numerous creatures to life and I felt that with experience in the field and it being a local filming location it could be a great experience.

The film is crowdfunded and self funded, the people involved are doing it for free with budgets at a minimum. They are doing this because they all believe in the story, the film, the potential. I happen to agree this could make an amazing movie.

If you want to find out more about the film or maybe help support it please go visit and

What is a Key Creature Designer?

A designer of creatures that are to the film. In the story there are demons the hero has to battle, a pack of wolves, a boar and a deer. These demons are humanistic with animalistic traits. My job is to get a vision from the Director, work with it and get the best job possible on the budget available.

Want a sneak peak into a concept for the deer? This image was given to me so I know the magestic side of what the film needs, though there is certainly a lot darker sides to this demon.

All the demons are wearing leather made masks to denote their "spirit" with quality masks as pictured here

My job is to now come on board and bring the masks and the actors to come to life.

The masks are going to be coloured with multiple techniques including airbrush but the biggest challenge is not with the mask at all, it is with the actors. All need teeth and sfx makeup.

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