Faithless and Flawless - a new venture

Updated: May 24, 2019

So I have been doing makeup a little over a year and my what a rollercoaster it has been! From starting out as a small part time home business (selling via MLM to see if I actually even enjoy makeup) to nearly completing a level 3 technical qualification and having so many new contacts I call friends!

My original company was called Flawless Makeup and Skin, it worked well whilst my only work was based around glam makeup and skincare. I was also known under the acronym MuM (the Makeup Man) where by I often used to do live vlogging and demonstration of products, techniques and general chit chat.

In my year in makeup I have gone from this

to this

The year has flown by and I have never felt so at home as I do around makeup and the industry!

So far I have had the privilege of working with some industry professionals, been exposed to multiple challenges and pushed myself beyond what I thought I could achieve in such a short time. From theatre makeup to film work. Glamour, editorial to SFX and gore I have loved every moment and am certainly proud of how far I have come.

Am I going to rest on my laurels though??? Oh no no no! This year I am planning on being mega busy with of course the start of it being a launch of this new website.

There is still work to be done to it and I will be adding and updating it constantly (so do keep checking back) You will be able to do online bookings, place orders and much more in time!

Why the name change? Flawless makeup and skin is not who I am as an artist. My passion lies within the TV, Film and Theatre industry and most of my work is SFX related. The company name did not encompass who I had developed into. So, WELCOME to the Faithless and Flawless company. I still do lots of editorial work, body painting, glam, weddings, proms and the like but I now feel I can promote my "faithless" side, the gore, the grim, the SFX and grit of makeup.

Thank you to all those who have supported me since the start of this journey and a big welcome to anyone new! I love this career, I love this industry, I have found my life passion and can't wait to share what creations lie ahead!



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