MY NEW JOB - The Tooth Fairy

Been a little while since I last posted a blog, been busy working on a couple of films and finishing up final bits of college so time to sit down and write has been lacking!

I have however in this time found myself having to create some monster teeth for Heartsfelled. When I knew they needed monster teeth I looked at various options on getting a good enough quality, that would fit well in the mouth but not cost the earth to create due to (of course) budgeting constraints. I found...plastic!

Young Deer - monster teeth

U found the plastic could be moulded to have a "gumshield" bespoke fitting for the teeth, and then coloured and sculpted to produce the teeth and gums. Once hardened it fits comfortable enough for short periods of wear and be resilient enough to last the whole shooting period.

The animals, or demonic spirits, are in the form of a young and old deer, a big bulking boar and a pack of fast moving wolves. The teeth needed to represent each animal but still have a sinister look to them, the deer especially needed to be made more monster like due to the nature of the encounter with this beast during the storyline....

I have actually thoroughly enjoyed working with this new medium and will soon be offering them as a service online where you too can get your own bespoke fitted teeth. The range of possibilities is near endless from oversized front teeth, to baby teeth, to monsters and anything in between! The great thing about them is instead of being standarf "joke shop teeth" these are fitted to your teeth and gum shape so will fit nice and snug to you!

Until next time, this is Steve the Tooth Fairy! Wishing you all love and happiness!


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